I’m not happy unless I’m moaning…

There is nothing/no-one that doesn't irritate the shiz out of me!!!

Monthly Archives: December 2016

Snapchat Filters

I cannot stand seeing any more pictures of girls with dog ears or flowers in their hair!!! I don’t understand what kind of mentalist thinks these pictures look cute.. or funny.. or attractive……?? Snapchat filters are for kids or someone with a higher ratio of time to brain cells. You’re not 5. You don’t look […]

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Final Bus of the Year

You couldn’t make it up… how is this happening to me??!! There’s Bus Nemesis 1, Bus Nemesis 2 and me on the back seat….. AND a massive knobhead wedged in between me & #2 eating a f***ing sweaty egg sandwich whilst encroaching on my space. This is not the back seat of my dreams. My […]

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Tess Daly

Big face, big features, big facial expressions…. big clasped hands….. Tess is biiiiiiiig on the irritation scale. Her false banter & gameshow host mannerisms are horrendously cringe-tastic & she’s ruined the enjoyment of Strictly for many a viewer for many a year. Maybe they’ll give the gig to Winklepicker next year & Tess can stay […]

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Pictures of Presents

This is outright, blatant, full on in-your-face braggage. It makes me sooo mad!!! Who actually gives a genuine f***k about seeing your presents attractively arranged & posted on Social Tedia, usually be means of a filtered Instagram post???? You materialistic arsehole! What’s lacking in your life? You’d say you’re ‘blessed’ but noooooo… Are you not […]

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Dogs on buses. Dogs wearing clothes. Dogs in public without a lead. Dogs in general. I HATE DOGS!!!! Dogs should never ever be allowed on public transport & when I say ‘public transport’, I mean my bus (unless it’s a guide dog.. but I supposed they’re kind & gentle, although still hairy, scary & smelly). Dogs […]

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Pointless Participation

You know these posts: You do know it’s not an official document, don’t you? Sorry I really don’t want to piss you off Ashley, Shannon, Melissa…. coz it says here that you’re top whack cray-cray…. but if you share or comment on these you probably need some form of psychological intervention. Shit like this never […]

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Xmas Shite

People releasing shitty drivel ‘in time for Xmas’… Now, I don’t mind him per se but is Bradley Walsh an official singer?  I suspect he would argue that the answer here is yes (I checked his bio!!!) but HE CAN’T F***ING SING!!!!! He would definitely not get through a round on xfactor & that’s saying something. […]

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Feet on Seats

Some people are just outright Bus Wankers & clearly have no social skills or etiquette.. The person in question probably can’t even spell etiquette. WHY DID NO-ONE ASK THE BRAZEN B*TCH TO MOVE HER F***ING FEET???? I can’t be responsible for righting all of the wrongs on Stagecoach buses!! All I could offer on this occasion […]

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