I’m not happy unless I’m moaning…

There is nothing/no-one that doesn't irritate the shiz out of me!!!

Monthly Archives: July 2017

Bus Nemeses – The New Crew

Sloth Nemesis has got a new job.  He had his smart shoes rather than manky trainers up all over the seat. He’s had a hair cut too & had been over-zealous with the gel. I’d not have recognised him if it weren’t for his battered man bag & slovenly demeanour. Sandal Nemesis was maintaining the […]

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Call Centres

Is it too much to ask that you out-source your ‘customer services’ to English-speaking, fully compos-mentis staff who possess communication skills & have more than 1 brain cell? This is a rhetorical question & the answer is obviously yes – it is too much to ask. There are many, many examples under this topic however, I have […]

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Hairdressers Who Can’t Blow-Dry

Why ask me how I want it/to see a picture if you can only do it ‘your way’??!! Wouldn’t you be better showing ME picture & telling me that’s how it’s going to be??!! I was properly incensed after my latest visit… I showed her what I wanted & explained (in exact detail) that I […]

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The ‘New’ Nemeses

I’ve been observing (seething) about this pair for some time. They sit on my new bus & flank me on the back seat every day….. with their grotty feet on the seats like they’re lounging in their (I imagine) equally grotty homes. The amount of snake eyes I’ve shot at these cretins is countless & […]

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