I’m not happy unless I’m moaning…

There is nothing/no-one that doesn't irritate the shiz out of me!!!

Bus Nemesis #4

Bus Nemesis #4


Has she done this on purpose because I’m her Bus Nemesis… or is she completely oblivious to her ability to raise my irritation levels to 100%??

I saw her eyeing the seat next to me – which was free of course coz I’m not an Aisle Seater – & I was going to put my bag down but it was too late.

So here we are. Two Nemeses of the 85 bus route. Sat side by side. In palpable awkwardness* & potentially mutual irritation.

* I may have imagined the palpable awkwardness

Aaarrgghh – she has a friend who’s just got on & is now sat behind us. Nemesis has turned round to talk to her. Her massive furry hood is invading my personal space.

My current mood = dangerously close to combustion

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  1. Rebecca says:

    She’s toying with you, like a cat with a mouse 😉 x

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