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Noel Edmonds

Noel Edmonds

Being off sick has given me two blissful days of daytime TV…& two days of reminders of what a prize bellend Noel Edmonds is.

So I gather Deal or No Deal has actually been axed but they’re re-running it. Is daytime TV really that desperate?

The irritation levels reach peak when he insists on implying there’s something other than sheer luck & greed involved in opening those boxes…& encourages the cretinous audience/participants to chant the required colour!!!!

Now as if his wafty blowdried hair & idiotic persona weren’t ridiculous enough I’ve now discovered he’s set up a call line for pets!!!!!! Yep – a CALL LINE for PETS.

Is there nowt he won’t do??!! Once you start calling animals to give motivational pep talks, it’s surely the beginning of the end!!!!!!

He really truly is a massive twat!!!!!


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  1. Rebecca Jackson says:

    His winkle pickers are truly the most ridiculous shoes I have ever seen a grown man wear.

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