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Xmas Shite

Xmas Shite

People releasing shitty drivel ‘in time for Xmas’…

Now, I don’t mind him per se but is Bradley Walsh an official singer?  I suspect he would argue that the answer here is yes (I checked his bio!!!) but HE CAN’T F***ING SING!!!!!

He would definitely not get through a round on xfactor & that’s saying something.

Len Goodman is 100% not a singer (I checked his bio!) yet he’s deemed it acceptable to release an album for Xmas.

Tough one this… but as much as I love(d) Sir Terry. He’s officially a dead man & therefore, almost 100% probably, has had nothing to do with his own Xmas compilation album, has he?

How about whatever you were doing before the festive period – JUST KEEP DOING THAT!!

Bradders – The Chase is one of my fave programmes. Keep up the good work!
Len – keeeeeeep dancing (although I know this is your last series.. are you leaving to become an official singer??)
Sir Terry – RIP

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  1. nick says:

    Wise words

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