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Scarlett Moffatt

Scarlett Moffatt

Yeah yeah, controversial.. the nations new darling & current Queen of the Jungle… I know.

I’d already started going off her towards the end of her stint on Gogglebox – now she’s got a radio show & her own book (honestly??!!) she’s just not as funny. It’s all a bit boring & try-hard & as humourous as she was/may be, every single thing she says doesn’t have to be comedy genius/I want a career out of this, does it?

I’ve now been informed that she was on another reality show before Gogglebox – a little heard of, proper high brow show – Beauty School Cop Outs on MTV.. by the makers of Geordie Shore, no less.

She knows exactly what she’s doing & that’s all fine if she was honest about the fact she’s just fame hungry..

She’s not surprised someone like her could win. She’s not ‘humbled’ by the experience. She’s not grateful that she’s finally been accepted & can now teach her sister it’s ok if you don’t fit in, look at what you can achieve (having a wreath of flowers unceremoniously dumped on your head by another Geordie reject??!!)

What a load of utter bollocks…. & does she honestly think anyone believed she’d ‘rather have a million laughs than a million pounds’?? Pull the other one Moffatt, it’s got a million bullshitting bells on it.

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