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Pictures of Presents

Pictures of Presents

This is outright, blatant, full on in-your-face braggage. It makes me sooo mad!!!

Who actually gives a genuine f***k about seeing your presents attractively arranged & posted on Social Tedia, usually be means of a filtered Instagram post????

You materialistic arsehole!

What’s lacking in your life? You’d say you’re ‘blessed’ but noooooo… Are you not getting quite enough attention or do you just like to force your vanities on people?

Look everyone. LOOOOOOK. It’s my birthday/Xmas – I’ve got loads of expensive presents. It’s all totally for show but everyone must love me loads & I really must be amazing to be worth all of these fine gifts.

You wouldn’t post pictures if you got a Poundland goodie bag or an Argos voucher, would you??!!

…& people posting pictures of their CHILDREN’S presents – wrapped & stacked waiting to be devoured.

What is WITH THAT???

What a lovely, appreciative, not-up-their-own-arses-at-all generation they’ll turn out to be with your obvious focus on the material things in life!

Before Facebook existed, did you take photos of presents & show your friends & family? Of course you didn’t.

Everyone looks at your posts & thinks you’re a big-headed, attention-seeking twat.

As you were……


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  1. Ange Seddon says:

    Oops!! *franticly deletes Instagram birthday posts*………*slinks off to the corner suitably chastised!!*😂😂😂😂❤️ X

  2. julie says:

    Well said Tara this absolutely infuriates me. I can’t believe how materialistic some people actually are and that some people feel the need to compete with them getting themselves into debt as they try and Feeling guilty if they can’t do the same. It saddens me to think that some of the next generation are being brought up to have no understanding of the value of money or appreciation whatsoever.

  3. LadyP says:

    Haha absolutely spot on. Who’s interested in such mindless crap. Well said. Boring materialistic show offs. No more please

  4. Nick says:

    You sound a bit grumpy

  5. Paul mc says:

    Next it will be pics of the Xmas feast

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