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New Year Old Nemesis

New Year Old Nemesis

I’ve been lulled into a false sense of security. No activity this year… until now.

There’s been a Nemesis incident.

Nemesis #1 has crawled back out from wherever it is she resides (just down the road ftom me, as it happens).

There I was.. ‘happily’ stood IN A QUEUE waiting for the bus….& there she appears, wearing her oversized headphones to match her oversized ego, marching past everyone like she had the God-given right to be first on the bus.

To say I was incensed is an under statement. I had to wait 24hrs to post this, such was the boiling of my blood.

….& then this –


She’s pushing my buttons alright – two of my pet hates in one sighting (queue jumping & feet on seats).

To further update – there have been no confirmed sightings of Nemesis #2 as yet.

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  1. LadyP says:

    This makes me angry too. On both counts. Actually the oversized headphones brings a smile as I remember the joke we had about buying ourselves ear muffs while sitting in the office listening to someone on the phone.

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