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Public Whiffs..& Oh My Days

Public Whiffs..& Oh My Days

This afternoon has been extremely challenging – mainly on my sense of smell.

Someone’s eating a bag of Monster Munch on my bus…. PICKLED ONION FLAVOUR!!!!

She’s sat next to someone she’s not with & he’s not even batting an eyelid. Or a nostril.
100% unacceptable. No Monster Munch would be acceptable but pickled onion??? Massive social fail.

Prior to this, I was sat in a hospital waiting room (did you all see I checked in on FB? No? That’s because I didn’t) for over an hour in very close proximity to a Great Unwashed.

He sat muttering ‘oh my days, hurry up’ whilst rattling his skateboard & playing games on his phone with the SOUND ON!!!!!! He obviously sat next to me to try my patience & to test how long I could stand the smell. I rode it out. I win, right? 😉

Lesson for today – carry some form of scent around with me to rub under my nose in times of whiffy emergencies.

…& while I’m on – what does ‘oh my days’ even mean, for God’s sake?? Nothing, that’s what. Nothing at all. It makes no sense!!!! Don’t say it please.

Pickled onion girl is now taking selfies…..

*insert highly irritated face here*

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