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Bad F***ing Manners

Bad F***ing Manners

You know what I just can’t abide (apart from everything)… bad manners.

People who yawn without covering their mouths. I do not want to count your fillings or see what you had for lunch.

Similarly, people who cough or sneeze in the same manner. I’d rather avoid having to dab your snot & phlegm from my hair.. I only wash it once a week!

People who don’t say please & thank you. Check-out assistants in particular. I was customer service trained courtesy of J Sainsburys back in the early 90s. A rigorous process that involved hours & hours (& hours) of videos & role-playing. I had to do this before I was allowed on the shop floor. Granted, I now detest the general public but I also now expect the same level of customer service as I gave (unless I’d gone to work straight after an all-nighter.. that wasn’t pleasant for anyone & is a whole other story).

Do not ‘greet’ me at a check-out without so much as a glance, as you’re too busy discussing your evening plans with the half-wit next to you.

Do not just thrust the receipt & change at me & expect me to leave. Oh no. You’re going to say thank you/good bye or I’m going nowhere, rude-arse.

People who don’t acknowledge when you let them in/out in traffic. Rare for me but it does occasionally happen. I’ve usually got a temperature & I usually feel very smug afterwards. Until they don’t thank me. Then they probably wish I’d not been so ‘kind’.

People who walk through a held-open door without a word. If I could rewind & slam the f***ing thing in your ignorant face, I would.

People who bang into you & don’t say sorry. One day I’ll be brave enough to follow you & push you over!!!! Ooops, didn’t see you there you massive ignoramus.

Manners – they cost nowt but are worth so much.

Here endeth my pre-weekend lesson.

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  1. julie says:

    Well said Tara totally agree on all accounts

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