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There is nothing/no-one that doesn't irritate the shiz out of me!!!

Xmas Markets

Xmas Markets

How much over-priced tat can be displayed in one, oh-so-aesthetically-pleasing venue?
Those wreaths ~ Someone has basically rummaged around at the bottom of their garden/compost heap/the local dump; fashioned a ‘decoration’ out of twigs, raffia, rotten apples & a few old monkey nuts, pulled a laughable price out of thin air & put them on their stall….
…& I’m sure plenty gullible, my-eyes-are-blinded-by-Christmas-Cheer numb skulls will buy them.  And then wonder why they’re skint & their house is infested with mites & a rank fusty smell.
The best thing about the Markets is the (over-priced) mulled wine.
Is it next year yet??!

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