I’m not happy unless I’m moaning…

There is nothing/no-one that doesn't irritate the shiz out of me!!!

Hairdressers Who Can’t Blow-Dry

Hairdressers Who Can’t Blow-Dry

Why ask me how I want it/to see a picture if you can only do it ‘your way’??!!

Wouldn’t you be better showing ME picture & telling me that’s how it’s going to be??!!

I was properly incensed after my latest visit…

I showed her what I wanted & explained (in exact detail) that I wanted it styled but not styled, curled but not curly & obvious but not obviously-so.  I honestly couldn’t have explained myself any better 😉

She told me it was all fine but I really don’t think she meant it.  She walked away twice mid-blow… probably to cry into her barrel brush because she could foresee the end result.

I felt myself getting more & more angry as the ‘styling’ continued but, being British & not liking to complain (!!) I of course said I loved it then went home to re-examine the evidence & re-confirm that my irritation levels were indeed bang on 100% (NB – that’s the maximum percentage one can achieve.. & that’s another ‘moan’!) Queue straighteners & re-style.

So if you’re off to a special party where you need to look like a canine, I can recommend a stylist.



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