I’m not happy unless I’m moaning…

There is nothing/no-one that doesn't irritate the shiz out of me!!!

Bus Nemeses – The New Crew

Bus Nemeses – The New Crew

Sloth Nemesis has got a new job.  He had his smart shoes rather than manky trainers up all over the seat. He’s had a hair cut too & had been over-zealous with the gel. I’d not have recognised him if it weren’t for his battered man bag & slovenly demeanour.

Sandal Nemesis was maintaining the status quo with regards to her footwear but no half-gnawed apple on the seat today. Barely any room anyway because her over-sized dinner lady feet were on there…

Beige Nemesis was gazing out of the window, yearning for some colour inspiration. Face like chiseled rock & dressed, you guessed it, in beige.

You-Remind-Me-Of-Someone Nemesis really reminds me of someone… I feel like I know her but suspect she may just be on my radar because her face is really really irritating. She had to run for the bus this morning. I was kind of willing her to miss it….

Primark Nemesis tried, as usual, to be the first person on the bus. She failed. As she always does when I’m there. I took the small victory & it buoyed my mood for the rest of the journey.

Sloth got off one stop before me but so slow was his pace, I was on his heels in no time & followed him for a bit to try & see where he works. His trousers were half-mast & he was struggling to walk in his new shoes.

Welcome to the fold, new nemeses.. what fun we’ll have….

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