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There is nothing/no-one that doesn't irritate the shiz out of me!!!

First Bus of the Week…Deep Heat, Paisley & Banana Man

First Bus of the Week…Deep Heat, Paisley & Banana Man

Why would you think it’s OK to put an insane amount of Deep Heat on before getting on a crowded bus? Who would do that? Sandal Nemesis, that’s who. Sandals maybe thought my senses needed assaulting this morning….or maybe she just needs medicated cream for her cracked heels…… Either way, let’s get those sandals packed away now, hmm? It’s Autumn.

Gum-Smacker Nemesis is opposite me smacking his gum & chewing (with his mouth open) like his life depends on it. He’s also wearing a red silk paisley tie which is almost annoying me more than his manners… almost…..

Sloth Nemesis has ditched his ill-fitting work shoes in favour of these bad boys. I wonder if this is after me & my blistered feet beat him in the bus-dash the other day…. Maybe Sloth’s upping his game & is planning his ascension aided by a pair of Banana Man Converse. I shall wear trainers tomorrow. Proper running ones……


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  1. Susan jones says:

    Love, Love,Love these! I think gum smacker would irritate me the most. I can’t stand noisy chewing!

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