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There is nothing/no-one that doesn't irritate the shiz out of me!!!

Bus Nemesis #1

Bus Nemesis #1

I’ve got a new Bus Nemesis 🙂 (the first one disappeared, through no wrong-doing on my part!!)
She gets on at my stop in the morning & I also often have the pleasure of her company on my return. She is an Aisle-Seater… Sits on the outside seat everytime & leaves the seat next to her empty.
I give her blatant snake eyes every time I see her. We made eye contact yesterday. I think I might be her Bus Nemesis too, which pleases me greatly.
I wish every day that someone will tell her ro move but I’m yet to see it. It’s a surprise as I don’t think we’re the politest/most shy bunch on that bus route! I decided I may get on a stop after her and I’ll be the first person to ask her to shift…. #buslife

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