I’m not happy unless I’m moaning…

There is nothing/no-one that doesn't irritate the shiz out of me!!!

Andy Murray

Andy Murray

Hair, clothes, voice, personality, Mum, Wife, weasly little mug……. there’s nothing about Andy Murray that doesn’t annoy the sh*t out of me.

How can someone with no expression or personality have such an annoying expression & personality??!

He whines & sulks when things don’t go his way & it’s everyone’s fault but his own.
He’s only winning coz the others aren’t on top of their game & he is soooo f***ing miserable & ungracious.

How can anyone bring themselves to support him just coz he’s ‘British’?  No-one can possibly have a genuine desire for Stig of the Dump to win??

I’m counting the days till the great big Scottish bellend gets knocked off his perch & normal service is resumed.

VAMOS!!!!!! 😉


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  1. Andy Murray says:

    It’s over for Rafa, deal with it!

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